Locker 1111

This correct code authorizes it’s sender to make a claim on the content of depot 2BSTX that has been kept in a locker with the number 1111 in Much, Germany. And so the content of Depot 2BSTX was tranferred to southern Germany in a top secret operation. There, 500 Euros are now waiting to be picked up by the talented and sharp-witted team of agents that first managed to break the codes on missions 1-9.

On June 20th 2014, the same team accomplished the bonus mission! Content of extra depot: 100 Euros!


Tree agents, nine mission and bonus mission

The winners: A successful team consisting of Co-Agent Okulyth (Christian Sander), Co-Agent Finn (Andie Mayr) and Co-Agent Arthur Dent.




The solutions for missions 1-9 and for the bonus-mission will be published not later than on March 15, 2015.


What happens now?

Since Depot 2BSTX and the extra depot have been found in the summer of 2014, the search has obviously been over. For technical reasons, Mission Control will now have to close the login area and delete all user data. The missions can no longer be played. However, all missions are available as commented screen videos at or