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Puzzle design: Henning Wolter (www.henningwolter.de)

Implementation of the puzzle design concept (missions): Benjamin Brandt (www.extrabrandt.de), Henning Wolter 

Design concept: Benjamin Brandt (www.extrabrandt.de)

Design of the missions: Benjamin Brandt, Thomas Glöwing 

Photography: Silvia Kröger-Steinbach (www.fotografie-steinbach.de)

Programming: Erich Bertram (www.erichbertram.de)

Translation: Faith Gibson 




Sources of the images and graphics used:


Mission 1:

Bletchley Park: Wikicommons / Magnus Mansche

Radio: Fotolia/Fatman73 

Morse key: Wikicommons / Hannes Grobe 

Sheet with cracked Code: Wikicommons 

Mission 2:

Portrait of Zoltan Kodalyon stamp: Abubiju, Wikipedia 

Ann Glover Wikicommons 

Sofia / cathedral: OmegaTransFer / istockphoto.com


Mission 3:

Lawrence of Arabia: Wikicommons / Konstable 

Telegram: Wikicommons / Philafrenzy 


Mission 4:

Miss Flatbroke: ©istockphoto/Ursula Alter

Pony in maths problem©shutterstock/Eric Isselée

Isla Violin: Wikicommons / Yashiro97 

Lake Erie: Wikicommons / Derek Jensen (Tysto) 

Bag of nuts (white foil): shutterstock/_Robbi

Typewriter: Shutterstock/ Monkey Business Images 

Hands: shutterstock/Aaron Amat 

Treblecone: Wikicommons / Maelgwn

Espirito Santo: Wikicommons / Fry1989 

Einsteinium: Wikicommons / OgreBot 


Mission 5:

Record sleeve: Shutterstock/Yuri Arcurs (

Chauffeuron duty pass:  iStockphoto / TarpMagnus 

Turntable: shutterstock/ultimax

Atari (missionscreen and mainscreen): Wikicommons / Rama 

Stopwatch: Wikicommons / J. Lesselich 

Baguette: shutterstock/kukuruxa

Atari-Desktop: Wikicommons / Liftarn 


Mission 6:

Shower gel: veer.com/karandaev

Energy saving lamp: veer.com/smeagorl

Sausage: shutterstock.com/Africa Studio

Pizza: shutterstock.com/ Daniel Cozma


Mission 7:

All pages of magazines: Magazin »L’Illustration«, Ausgaben 4578, 3466, 4571

Codescreen, Musee Guimet: Wikicommons / Ton1-bot

Codescreen, left row of houses: Wikicommons / Pline 

Codescreen, Theatre de la Renaissance: Wikicommons / Myrabella 

Codescreen, towerin the background: Wikicommons / Milvus 

Codescreen,right: Wikicommons / Pline 

Woman in Corsage:  Wikicommons / A. Claverie 

Mata Hari: Wikicommons 

Maat Haris in Codescreen: z.T. Wikicommons und bikiniscience.com/models/MT19_SS/MH190610_S/MH190610.html


Mission 8:

Screen Bascrobat, background: susanne bautz / photocase.com 

Screen Bascrobat + Taxi, radio: Marius Graf - Fotolia.com 

Screen Bascrobat, diary: Stefanie Leuker - Fotolia.com 

Screen Bascrobat, lamp: zim101 - Fotolia.com 

Screen Taxi, room: Rina H. / photocase.com 

Screen Taxi, glue: Bogdan Ionescu / 123RF Stock Foto 

Screen Taxi, shear: sonne07 - Fotolia.com 


Bonus mission:

Man with pipe: jorgophotography / 123RF Stock Foto 

Bridge pier/ bus stop-screen: Wikicommons / Suse 

Bus driver: Rui Vale de Sousa - Fotolia.com 

Bus: trig / 123RF Stock Foto 

Radio: lucadp - Fotolia.com 

TV tower: Wikicommons / Andreas Praefcke 

Stamp Abel: Wikicommons 

Stamp Glinike: Wikicommons 

Stamp K. F. Schinkel: Wikicommons 



Dossiers in header NEWS: kallejipp / photocase.com 



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