How the three top agents 002 ½, Bascrobat and Taxi met and when they joined forces to become the undercover unit THE HENNING WOLTER TRIO feared worldwide is still one of the best-kept secrets since the discovery of the sixth corner of the Pentagon in Washington DC in the year 1991. Leading intelligence services assume, however, that the trio first met during their agent training at a survival course in the wellness section of a beauty farm in Archelansk......but it could also have been in the pedestrian zone of Crapstone or while Christmas carolling in Funtington. Although it really doesn’t matter.


What does matter is that the three compliment one another in a frightening way to become at least a perfect half-full whole, so that they never lose sight of the balancing act between themselves and all the others. For example, when 002 ½ fails in his attempt to hide from his pursuers during the carnival in Pyongyang (North Korea) in a Dolly Buster costume, Bascrobat and Taxi helpfully intervene by ordering a beer and a bratwurst at the next filling station. This defuses this precarious situation so much that 002 ½ can escape unharmed.


In order for the three super agents to be able to carry out their secret missions undisturbed, each of them has given themselves a false identity as a jazz musician. They tour throughout (most) of the world as the HENNING WOLTER TRIO. Before, after and during their concerts, they solve the most impossible missions and save the entire world! Their present mission is to find the secret depot containing a valuable treasure! So far, the three top agents have not been able to solve this mission.


So, come to the celebrated concerts of the HENNING WOLTER TRIO. The legendary jazz trio will play the pieces from their brand-new CD “Undercover Job.” A secret message is hidden in each of these compositions and needs to be discovered in order to find the depot. Also, you will be given the latest information on this tricky case from 002 ½, Bascrobat and Taxi. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the one who can track down the secret depot!