In the deep, dark forest of the Swedish taiga, reindeer breeder Ole Wolterson discovers a foundling child in a hare’s den, adopts him and gives him the name Henning Wolter (he has to remove the suffix “–son”  from his name since Henning is not his own son).

The boy with the piano

In the long Nordic winter nights, little Henning passes the time by whittling himself a piano from reindeer hoofs and fir wood and then practising on it incessantly. He soon becomes an excellent pianist and composer and, at the tender age of seven, he founds the legendary Øresmørevølvø-Ørchest joined by famous musicians such as Kjetil, Knud, Agnetha, Lasse, Thorbjörn, Øystein, Askjell and the twins Ragnhild and Ragnvald. One day before their premiere, however, Henning, in a panic reaction, breaks up the ensemble since in an unobserved moment, Ole Wolterson’s favourite reindeer Sigvard ate up all of the ensemble’s scores and sheet music.

To recover from the shock, he takes a long winter holiday on Spitsbergen and then, when his money runs out, hires himself out as a driver for an auto stunt show. His daring trick: Henning drives his 350 horsepower turbocharger over a 2.5 metre-long jump so slowly that he breaks through the space-time continuum and becomes invisible. Based on this skill, he gains the attention of the greatest and most powerful intelligence services of the world, who since then have hired him for jobs of all sorts.

Areas of expertise:   

Henning operates so hidden and undercover that he can neither be detected by his opponents nor by himself. At times, this means he gets lost altogether. After a secret mission in the jungle of Australia, he was reported missing and was not found until three years later by the Russian newspaper carrier Yelisaveta Prokofievna Yepantshina in the Siberian town of Nefteyugansk in the current issue of the local paper. Henning had attempted to hide in a newspaper picture, but became so folded that he got stuck and could move neither forward nor backward. Yelisaveta Prokofievna Yepantshina freed him and handed him in at the nearest lost and found.