Lucien is the son of the fire-eater Sergio Tehuwemsena and his wife Margaretha Geertruida Tehuwemsena, a daring trapeze artist. At the early age of three, Lucien is considered a musical wunderkind and begins playing double bass in his parent’s circus band. On world tours, he enthrals his audiences with his unique virtuosity and, during a concert in Japan, gains world fame by playing Rimski-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” on his double bass in only 20 seconds.


His manager then advises him to change his surname Tehuwemsena since no one on the planet can remember it, let alone pronounce it. Hence, clever Lucien decides to change the order of the letters in his surname and turns it into Matheeuwsen (only the Dutch can remember this name either, but no matter...).

Wine and freedom

At the age of eighteen, Lucien leaves his parental circus and goes on to establish countless red wine cellars the world over (insiders surmise that he has since amassed 30 million barrels of red wine).

While searching for further suitable wine cellar locations in the catacombs of Paris in the 1970s, Lucien accidentally comes across an as yet undiscovered and forgotten undercover unit of Mongolian-Patagonian freedom fighters, who he then joins and takes part in their undercover operations until he perfectly masters the agent’s craft.

He then applies for positions with all of the world’s intelligence services, which, due to his special skills and experience, all offer him lifetime employment.

Area of expertise:

Lucien is a master of secret verbal tactics. Leading language scholars, linguists and psychologists cannot explain how he manages, while speaking simultaneously in a number of dialects, to transform his most dangerous enemies into weak and obedient creatures through his cascades of Kafkaesquely complex, controlled compound word constructions.