The search for hidden messages in the project’s musical compositions


For centuries, specialists have been encoding and decoding secret messages. Music offers a number of options for developing secret codes. This musical approach to encoding is employed in the compositions of Undercover Job. Secret messages are hidden here in a variety of ways in the music and the notation. The big question for you is how to find these messages in a musical composition.

It’s your Undercover Job!  With plenty of imagination, fun at detective work and using a number of hints, you will set off on the search for hidden messages in the project’s musical compositions.

It’s up to you to find the solutions to all nine missions, whether dancing like Mata Hari or dangling over the abyss like Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible – the main object is to find mysterious Depot 2BSTX!

Where is the depot and what kind of treasure is it holding?

The objective of Undercover Job

In nine missions, find Depot 2BSTX and secure the treasure hidden in it for yourself. There is also a special mission awaiting you that leads to another depot.

Let’s go!

In each of the nine missions, there is a secret message having to do with one of the famous top agents hidden in one musical piece.You can only solve the next mission once you have completed the previous mission.

Your job is to find the secret message in each composition. To do so, you can listen to the pieces on the respective game level and also look at the notation. A secret message is hidden in some way in each composition. You can hear it and/or read it in the notation. The messages of each mission can result in numbers, words or sentences. Combinations of numbers, letters and special characters are also possible.

What do you need to discover the secret messages?

You do not need any time to prepare and need only the simplest musical knowledge for the upcoming nine missions. If your knowledge is not sufficient, there is a notation school for each mission that will help you (for this, please click on the “Help” button). You can also find more information under the FAQs menu item.

You will discover all of the information you need to solve each mission in the active fields of the website and in the CD booklet of Undercover Job. Hints will also be offered at concerts by the Henning Wolter Trio and in the newsletter that players will receive regularly.

One mission solved

Once you have solved one mission, you are one step closer to Depot 2BSTX. Now, enter the solution via the link “Code broken.” Use only upper case letters and no spaces between the words. If your solution is correct, you can reach the next mission. Only in the last mission will you learn how to get to Depot 2BSTX. The contents of the depot will be made known in the course of the game.

You can secure yourself two additional wins with missions 3 and 6. The first three players to fulfil these missions will receive an agent undercover set.

Bonus mission

A bonus-mission will be issued on a date that is still being kept secret.

The riddle of this mission is hidden in the composition Face F-U-T-E-N-E-R-O. Unlike all the other missions, in order to complete this mission you will need to be able to play an instrument or be able to sight-read. The first player to decode the secret will receive the special depot, the contents of which will be announced at a specified time. If you are unable to complete this bonus-mission this will not affect the further course of the game. You can still go on to find Depot 2BSTX.

For the winner!

The first player to find Depot 2BSTX will receive the treasure hidden in it.If a number of players find the depot on the same day, the treasure will be divided up among the finders.

If the finder is under the age of 18 their parent or legal guardian will receive the treasure.

The clock is ticking!

If no one finds the depot till 15.03.2015, the secrets of all missions will be revealed on this website. But, Agent 002 ½ will receive the treasure.